Founder and CEO

Nil Sicart    

After some years teaching Geographic Information System (SIG) at the University of Girona, and having started my own topography and drone service company, now is the time to step forward in this field revolutionizing mapping and geographic services. Digital twins, real time information, precisely accurate georeferenced 3D models, multi sensor data, blockchain transmission, NFT property trade, metaverse immersive experience... All this has been my life learning focus for the last years and now it's time to mix it all.


Are you looking to partner with 4D TWIN MAPS?

We are looking to work with people and companies that are serious about bringing georeferenced, 3D representations of the world and sensor information to the blockchain. We look for marketing partners, technology companies that develope equipment to get data, postprocessing software and those who wish to help to create a new metaverse in the image and likeness of the real world.

If you fell you can be part of our team or your company can give us a hand to reach our goals, please contact us.