A useful platform for everyone

To create the largest digital 3D world possible, we need a significant amount of data. Therefore, we aim to create the largest network of photogrammetry enthusiasts and professionals ever seen. To participate in our platform, you only need a drone or a smartphone with a decent camera. Take pictures of what you would like to scan and obtain the results on our platform. You can download the results or use our professional tools if needed and share your findings on our public 3D digital world. Furthermore, you can put your results in our marketplace and make money by selling your photogrammetry results.

Our platform will also include the option to import external geodata like GIS data or on live georeference information and live cameras.

Together, we will create a hub for geodata that will be unparalleled in its scope and capabilities.


To guarantee the stability of our business we will create our own service startup companies. 

What we want do to is not easy. There's software development and data processing. To do that we need data, a lot and high quality data. We will work with the best and most well known companies and start-ups that are making georeferenced data more accessible to everyone. To help with this job we will provide local small companies or new entrepreneurs with our knowledge, equipment and technology to offer mapping services to their regions opening opportunities to them and to us. 

If you are a surveying business, drone mapping service, or you use any kind of scanning technology and you want to collaborate with us, please contact us >


Many sensors to get data for different applications

We work with the high-tech companies that develope the latest equipment. We use drones, satellites, planes, and handhold gadgets to get data like photos, videos, lidar, multispectral, IOT data, thermal, sonar, radar... 

Our platform will be useful for agriculture control, construction sites control, architecture design, smart cities control, planning, analyze, industrial inspections, urban planning, terrain analysis, etc.

And also to build the best 3D twin maps of the world.



We aim to build the platform with most compatibility 2D, 3D and immersive data formats.

We love to use opensource software and data formats but we know private companies are doing a great job in some products. We want to be friends of everyone and we want to be able to use as many data formats as possible.

We will have data providing services to update the NFTs but you will be able to import from other sources or create new data directly on our site.

Making 4D TWIN MAPS a working, analysis, sharing, and exploring platform.


Use the best way to work with your data and use it for whatever you need

There will be different ways to work with data and explore the world, and there will be public places and private places. You decide what information appears.

4D TWIN MAPS will be a georeferenced data management and viewer and will be capable to work with diferent dimensions.

2D dimension like GIS and CAD formats (.shp, .gpkg, .dxf, .dwg, .kml, .geoJSON, .tiff...)

3D dimension like BIM, Point Cloud and 3d design software (.las, .laz, .xyz, .obj, .gltf...)

4D dimension stands for TIME and weather interactions, also IOT and other real data, and for metaverse representation of the whole data.