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Bring your properties to the Metaverse

Through the use of the latest topographic, surveying and scanning technology we want to bring the real world to the blockchain. You will have full control of your properties, minted as NFT, and you will be able to work with them like you do with your favourite professional software but on the web (GIS, CAD, BIM, 3D...)

- Have your properties as NFT
- Work with data for analysis
- Use MAP token to transact
- Share what you want to everyone
- Explore the world and buy, sell or rent

Many sensors to get data for different applications

We work with the high-tech companies that develope the latest equipment. We use drones, satellites, planes, and handhold gadgets to get data like photos, videos, lidar, multispectral, IOT data, thermal, sonar, radar...

Our platform will be useful for agriculture control, construction sites control, architecture design, smart cities control, planning, analyze, industrial inspections, urban planning, terrain analysis, etc. And also to build the best 3D twin maps of the world.

With a metaverse representation of the world to explore and interact like in real life, but enhanced.



Private places, public places, you decide what is visible and what is not.

There will be different ways to explore the world and different file formats to work with. The world will have public places and private places and you will decide what information appears and what you use it for.

We aim to the professional technicians and to the blockchain metaverse developers and explorers. That's why we have different representation and format files of our 4D digital twin maps of the world.






Invest, participate, buy, sell or rent your properties

MAP Token will be used inside 4D TWIN MAPS as our currency.

MAP holders will be able to participate in some decicions we make over the public space and will be the currency to trade your NFTs.

- Public space and some rules will be DAO decided for holders
- MAP token will be used like money in real world
- Part of the income for 4D Twin Map services will be used to buy our own token



We are decided to achieve our goals


Are you looking to partner with 4D TWIN MAPS?

We are looking to work with people and companies that are serious about bringing georeferenced, 3D representations of the world and sensor information to the blockchain. We look for marketing partners, technology companies that develope equipment to get data, postprocessing software and those who wish to help to create a new metaverse in the image and likeness of the real world.